We Followed The Core Values

  • Providing the best quality
  • Innovative and new things provided
  • Dynamic Mode of Contracting Principals
  • Lowest delivery period
  • Providing number of products
  • Provide full satisfaction to the client
  • Technical Experts
  • Hardworking and committed working persons.
  • Provide service all over the country
  • Work in different weather conditions
  • Time stipulated in normal conditions
  • The best service in the whole town
  • Restless and Energetic team
  • Great Coordination with the Customers
  • The most reasonable rates in the whole town

There are several more reasons why you should consider using the services of ZASHPAK to help your organization achieve its objectives. The strengths of our distinctive approach include:

We tailor our services to meet your needs in terms of quality, time or budget. No job is too small or too big, no professional team too broad or to narrow. We will work closely with your staff or leave you alone until we come back with answer.

We package our services to meet multi-disciplinary tasks, drawing on the services of a wide and deep in-house expertise which is expanding all the time. Neither the world is divided into little boxes and nor we think so.

Our staff solve problems in orthodox and straightforward ways where required or in innovative, imaginative but practical ways when the task is complex and unfamiliar. If there is an off-the-shelf solution, we’ll provide it, but if not, we’ll build a new shelf. If you’ve called everyone else and are still disappointed, let us have a look at it. The difficulty is where the fun is!


Million Revenue


Our people know how to listen as well as talk. Our first task is always to establish what you are looking for – or if you are unsure of a direction, to let you know the options and critical factors to help arrive at a decision. ZASHPAK works with its clients rather than for them and we start with your needs.

We offer value-for money solutions – you only get the level of expertise you need and we package our inputs to fit budgetary constraints.

The most important function of our senior staff is to ensure the quality of the work that relates to the office or is undertaken on site. We temper enthusiasm with experience to make sure it’s right.

Quality consulting and development solutions worldwide.

Meeting the needs of clients and community through technical excellence and innovation.

Main Business Activities

Construction - Road Safety Products manufacturer Telecommunications – Network wireless Communications