ZASHPAK Engg goal is to satisfy our Clients/Customers needs and assist them in getting their objective as they related to construction sites. We maintain and efficient and safe work environment for all personnel.

In our effort to attain these goals ZASHPAK ENGG has adopted PPE (Personal Protective Equipments), safety policies procedures and standards industrial practices for use in our operations. ZASHPAK safety Engineer gives the instructions to our all supervisory personnel’s and technicians for following these rules, procedures at all time.

If a situation arise where an employee is asked or ordered to deviate from ZASHPAK ‘s safety Operation policies or if the employee delivers that such action which threaten the safety of the person or equipment, the employee shall immediately contact their supervisor for assistance in resolving the situations. The safety supervisor will be responsible for the ultimate resolution of any unsafe situations.

ZASHPAK realize that compromising in areas related to safety, health and environment will be only jeopardizing the goals and objective of our company. ZASHPAK ENGG commits itself to assist our employees and Clients/Customers in fulfilling responsibilities. ZASHPAK Targets’ Zero Fatalities and Zero major environment incidents It is commitment of the Management, Managers and Supervisory staff of ZASHPAK Engg to provide all of you with safe & healthy environment to work